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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hot Hot and Hot ... oh and some Cute

It has been and looks like is going to continue to be HOT HOT HOT here in SWVA .... If you have time check out the temperatures for Roanoke or Blacksburg VA ... we live between them .... let me tell ya .. its HOT

ALL kitties are inside today as its suppose to reach 105 and the heat index is going to be outrageous ... the fans are on the AC is on ... and we kitties are takin it easy.

This is Brother

He is a cutie!

This is Tiny - hes growing and getting better

Cute little thing

The girls were napping under the bookcase when pictures were being taken

Enjoy your dose of CUTE and stay COOL friends


  1. Why can't it just stay the purrfect temperature all year round??? Stay cool, furiends!

    Precious babies!! We are so glad to see Tiny getting bigger and better!!! YAY!

  2. It's almost that hot here too, very humid, high humidex factor. Stay cool! At least you have a/c; that should help!

  3. P.S. Brother and Tiny are just too precious! What cutie-pies!

  4. So cute !!! Reminds me of when I took in a stray cat and she had five kittens. I kept four of them and one lived to be 21. I kept her too. Sorry it's so hot your way. It's supposed to get really hot for us .. Seattle area ... and we don't have ac.

  5. The cuteness is VERY overwhelming and stay cool, furriends!

  6. Brother and Tiny are very cute.
    We hope you all can keep cool.

  7. Cute overload, they are adorable!...We are actually cooling down into the 90s with some rain and cloudy days this week=it's been late 90s-over 100 since early May, extremely hot in the South...kisses and hugs friends...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  8. Cuties!!

    We hope things get cooler there - we know it is supposed to here so hopefully it moves your way too!

  9. It's plenty hot up here in Pennsylvania so we can only imagine how hot it is further south. Take good care of those precious little ones and try to keep cool!