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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Been a little Crazy

The two girls went to their new home on Saturday. Their names are Sadie and Sweet Pea. Pictures as soon as I can get them downloaded.
Chickie went back out on Saturday evening. Her incision looked really good and she was ready. She sat in her crate on my sisters porch for several hours. When we opened the door she stayed in there for about 2 more hours. Finally late late Saturday night she emerged.
Chickie and Phantom are still in love. They eat together, lick each other and are generally in the same place all the time.
Tiny is still tiny ... brother is playful and sweet. They slept in my bed the other night. My big cats are scared of them. lol


  1. Sounds like everything is going ok.

  2. We are happy to hear effuryone is doing well. We've missed you guys!

  3. Glad to see the happy khouple is just that again!

  4. Sounds like all is right with the world.

  5. Great news, so glad to hear Chickie and Phantom are still in love!...Your cats are funny to be afraid of the babies!!MOL...kitty kisses...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  6. Oh we are so glad two of the babes are in their new home! And Chickie is happy.

    MOL about Tiny! Sounds like he has LOADS of cattitude.

  7. Our mewmie is still trying to trap the daddy cat but he is very wiley. She trapped a raccoon the other nice but it was just a young one and didn't scare mewms too bad, hahameow. She was able to get the latch off the trap and get back in the house and the coon figured out how to leave on it's own...