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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Doggie Run

Saturday evening Momy did a doggie transport (run) These little puppers were going from Florida to New Yorks and oh boy were they cuties.

These pictures were not taken by momy but she has a few that she will post soon. The date/time stamp is wrong on these and we dont know the peoples.

The doggies had their transport coordiantor send us an email this is what it said:

Ruby, Rubin and Roger asked me to say thank you to all the wonderful volunteers who are making their journey to Homeward Bound NY possible.
They are very anxious to meet you all in person over the next two days and they dont think they can sleep tonight. Kinda like Cristmas Eve in their little hearts.
They each insisted that I bath them today so their coats would be nice and silky.They wore their nice new collars for a while, but they took them off so that they wont we tempted to chew on them and have nothing but a raggy thing of a collar when they meet you. They will wear the collars when being walked and only under strict supervision sos they dont get hung up in them fooling around.

They were good !


  1. They are cuties. How great of your mommy to help them on their way to their new homes. YOur mommy deserves some extra treats.

  2. That's terrific of your mom to help transport! We're glad the pups are off to good foster or forever homes!

  3. What cute puppies. What a wonderful think your mum did in helping transport them

  4. Oh My~!!! What a set of cutie triplets!!!

  5. They are such cuties! It is so great that your mom got to meet them and help them find wonderful forever homes!!

  6. The nice Mary and Marie ladies drove these three!!!

    Mary sent my mom pikhs on Sunday!

    She told Mom on Sunday when they talked following Mom's handoff of Shiloh and The Puppies how freakin' khute they were!

    Thanks fur sharing AND kharing!


  7. Your mom -- like Khyra and Rivers' moms -- is a good human helping pups get to their new homes.

  8. Your Mom is providing a great, loving service to these sweet babies; best of luck to them all...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  9. How precious they are! They'll have no problems getting a new home.

  10. What sweet pups! We hope they find homes ASAP.