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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Good news

ButterBean here to tell you some good stuff. Momy took Thursday and Friday off last week and the place she works was closed on Monday so she had a nice long 5 day weekend. All us kitties were very excited about that.

On Thursday Momy took the 4 kittens to the vet. She also took another kitty Ike. So the kittens: the biggest one weighed in at a heaft 1.9pounds. The 2 girls were 1.8 each and the Tiney one was .7. The little one was given some fluids and the vet told momy to keep force feeding him and he was put on medicine. Update as of Today is that he will now eat off the plate and is excited about his foods. He is eating almost quarter of a can at a time but it takes him 30 minutes to do it. Hes really slow ... apparently at everything ... ah well.
The other babies are good and hopefully will be able to go to homes this week.
Chickie is doing good. Not real pettish but not as scairt as she was.

Its been up around 100 here for the last 2 weeks and looks like that isnt going to change this week. Momys garden is having a hard time, its just so dry.

Hopefully there will be pictures tomorrow.


  1. I'm glad the kittens are gaining ...

    100 is way too hot ...

    We are supposed to get into the 90's this week which is way too warm for us. We don't have ac so out come the fans from the attic ...

  2. We are o glad the babies are growing.

  3. It is grea that all the babies are now doing ok - and great that the little one is eating lots now!

    And boy, we hope things cool down there for you - 100 is way to hot!

  4. Glad to hear those babies are doing well.

  5. We are also happy to hear the kittens are thriving and that the news is so good where you are. Keep cool!

  6. Thanks fur the khatpupdate!


  7. That is good news that the babies are doing well.
    It has turned cooler here again, only low 60's, but that is around the average for us.

  8. We are happy to hear Tiny is eating more. We suspect Jouhnny is a lil bit "slow", too...and it makes him all the more lovable.

    Pee Ess: We LOVED ButterBean's true story! Mommy laffed & laffed at the image of him running through the yard.