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Thursday, December 5, 2013

ButterBean and Piper

SO first off the new kitties name is Piper ... we talked about Pixie ... Patch ... and various other names but Piper won. She is home and still very groggy ...

Her belly looks good

She has a warm comfy place to rest and nap. She did eat a little.
She weighed 7.5 pounds
Went to the vet today as well. He has been acting not his normal self for a few days. Noticeably drinking ALOT more and peeing in the floor. Bean had a PU 7 years ago because he blocked with crystals so he is more prone to UTIs and Bladder infections and just infection in general in that area.
He does have a pretty nasty infection and will be on antibiotics for 14 days

Bean Happy to be home from the vet 

The vet shaved his "area" because it was icky
Both seem to be very happy to be home both are resting and comfortable