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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Santa Paws Present - Happy Christmas Eve


We received our secret paw present about a week ago and HAD to open it .. since then we have been busy playing and having the best time with our present! A HUGE and Great Big Thank You to Carmine, Milita and Jewel and their Mom Sierra over at fureverywhere for the GREAT presents.

Here is how it went down ... a little card came in the mail ... the next morning Mom had to go to the post office to get it ... she got the BOX ... and the BOX sat in her car all day because she had to work ... when she got home tho

OMC .... BOX
The people at the post office thought the box was Pawsome

Piper believes this box is hers

In fact she whapped and smacked everyone that got close .. Smokey wanted to sniff

we finally got the box open and look at all the presents


Piper and Moose

Piper and Smokey


Mom put these toys up for another day

Spike likes the catnip



  1. That was a mega-score gang! Merry Christmas to all of you from all of us!

  2. You got individual wrapped pressies! That is too much fun! We hope you had a wonderful Christmas :)