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Tuesday, December 10, 2013


ITS THERE ...ITS THERE ... the package arrived .... this is the note we just got ... OMC!!! There's a package that came for us and it looks like it's from YOU!!!! ...and it smells REALLY good! We're working on Glogirly to let us open it tonight so we can see what's inside!!! We're ready, the camera's ready...we'll keep you posted! love, Katie & Waffles we say OPEN IT .... aahhh how can you wait .... OPEN THE BOX .... (we love boxes) ...


  1. We sure hope you get it opened soon...boy are you excited!!!

  2. Its the package we sent to our secret paw ... we are so excited for them to get their present we just cant stand it

  3. OMC! OMC!
    We are positively GIDDY with excitement!!!!!
    We LOVE all the wonderful gifts!!! It's purrfect in every way!
    Waffles tried to wear the box like a hat, meanwhile I got my paws on the feather wand toy!

    Despite all the chaos, Glogirly got some very fun pictures! We'll be posting VERY soon!!!!!

    Thank you SO much!!!
    You're the best Secret Paws ever!
    Katie & Waffles

  4. WE are excited about ours too! Hope it arrives soon!