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Saturday, March 3, 2012


Cleaning cleaning cleaning is all that really happened here today. The kitties didnt seem to mind too much ... moved most everything out of the bedroom this morning and steam cleaned the carpet. Thankfully that is now the only room in the house that has carpet, the rest of the house is hard wood or tile. From there we steam cleaned the sofas and washed the blankets that are kept on them, moped the floors with hot clorox water and aftet all that I was worn out. Took about 6 hours. Shon and I went to dinner with some friends at Olive Garden and got back to put the sofas back together and start thinking about bed.
I have appointments for 6 cats for next saturday. planning to take the 2 that have had the sickies and 4 others, everyone needs shots rabies and 4way and everyone is getting worm pills. Here is to hoping next week is better than this one was. 


  1. lol....sounds like something I have to do in the next week or so. Been putting it off but I guess I just have to bite the bullet:)

  2. WE hope they all check out OK. Cleaning is very tiring, especially deep cleaning