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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A trip to the vet

3 went to the vet this morning

Scotch went ...

Yup friends I went to the Vets ... I was a GOOD boy - I even helped
Momy brought in the boxes for us to go in last night so they would be warm for us
She put clean towels in them this morning and started the Jeep
She picked me up and put me in front and I walked right in and laid down.

I weighed in at 17.9 pounds of fluff and muscle. The pretty vet lady said I was HANDOSOME
hee hee
I got 2 shots ... and 2 pills ... and 2 treats
And LOTS of pets
Of course I had to make sure every thing was as it was suppose to be so I laid on the exam table while Tiny and Face was examine and given shots and I PuRRrrEd real big. When the vet lady listened to my heart and lungs I laid out like you see in the picture above .. she couldent resist giving me a tummy rub :)
Overall I liked the trip it was good. Oh I almost forgots that I got to SNOOP around the office and say HI to eveybody .. I even checked out the Vets desk and chair and a BIG bag of doggie foods.

**Note from Ma** Scotch went this morning because his third eyelid was showing last night and I was worried that he may be getting sick or something. He needed shots and worm pills so .. he got picked for the 3rd spot.

Tiny went .....

I havent been feeling good. Ive had the uncontrollable poos ... NOT fun ...
I whine when I dont feel good and I really want to lay on Momy ...
I just like her to touch me, pet me, hug me, tell me its going to be ok.
Ive been having a hard time getting comfortable and I growled at her yesterday when she picked me up cause my tummy hurts.
This morning she picked me up and I cried a little .. then she put me in the box ... it was a blue box with a towel in it. She had to shove me in just a bit to make me go. I didnt want to go but I could hear her talking to us and so I thought it was ok ... Momy was there after all so it was ok.
We got there and she took us in ... we didnt have to wait long. Momy sat down in the floor in the room and opened all our doors. She talked to us. Scotch came out and Face did too.
She got me out and I curled into a little ball in her arms. She held me told me that they wanted to see what I weighed and wanted to look at me.

I weighed 10.1 pounds ... Im BIG ... oh Im going to be 2 in May ... Birthday woo
Anyway ... I got 2 shots and 1.5 pills and I didnt want thoes stinkin treats .. I like my treats I get at home.
The vet lady listened to me but I stayed close to Ma. The vet lady petted me and tole me I was ADORABLE and that I was GOOD. :)

As soon as I was done I went right back into my blue box.

After we got home I came out of my box and sniffed about to make sure I was home and I was. I ignored Ma while she was getting dressed and then decided that I really love her so I found her and I pawed at her leg adn when she picked me up I gave her a kiss .. I think it made her happy.

Face went to the vet too ....


Im going to slit her throat in the middle of the night ... shes going to DIE ... wait then who will feed me?
Ok so mebe she should live. BUT DO YOU KNOW WHAT SHE DID ...
she put out kibbles in the room like she usually does. Then she shut the door ...
then she came back and wrestled me to the ground .. but I tell ya ..I pooed all over the floor and tried to get her too but I think I misses. I meowed and meowed and she would NOT let me OUT ...
I got to sit in the middle of the back seat of the jeep so I got to see the sights and all that. Was kinda neat I suppose but WHATEVER ...
We stoped and she got us out. She talked to us the whole way. I pooed in my carrier, I didnt mean to, I cant controll it ... makes me sad. I let her pet me after we got there to let her know that I was ok but mad at her. I mean really how dare she.

I weighed 7.2 pounds. I got 1 shot and 1 pill and it was a fight for me to take that pill ... shoot I didnt even want to be touched and then she was trying to look in my mouth and then was shoving something in it and I was Sooo NOT interested. Momy wraped me up in her sweater (while she had it on) smashed me against her side, scruffed me and I was FORCED to take the pill .... FORCED ....

As soon as I could get away I did and I hid


  1. I am sorry it was so bad for you, Face! WE do not like to take pills either.

  2. Goodness! Poor Mom! she deserves a human treat and a rest after that day at the vets. It's funny how some tolerate the vet with ease and others don't!