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Monday, March 12, 2012

Saturdays Adventure

 I in fact took 7 kitties to the vet on Saturday by myself. It was an adventure to say the least. I wont get to all that went today cause that would be WAY too long .... so here we go.

Saturday morning started Early for me ... 430 early cause Scooter was on me and he is one of my difficult kitties so I got up and put him in the room with Princess (who is VERY difficult) Face and Eye.

At that point I was awake so why lay in bed when I could be doing something. By 8 AM the Jeep looked like this ...

6 carriers total ... 1 in the front seat

Brooke went for her 4way booster. She weighed 6.3 pounds
Momy was up early this morning ... I was still seepy but she was moving about so I followed her for a while. Then she picked me up kissed me on the head and stuffed me in a beautiful purple carrier. I looked glamorus in it ... this blue one does nothing for me. But the Eye took my purple one when we were in the vets office. I dont mind the vet .. I looked all around and sniffed and got pets it was interesting.

Tiny had to go back this morning ... we think he had a mild reaction to his shots on Wednesday 
I was growley with ma on Thursday and Friday and she was worried about me. So she said I had to go back again. Next year they vets say I should get an antibotic shot just in case when I get my other shots. The vet lady thinks I had a mild reaction to the 4way or rabies shots. poohey is what I say.

Moose needed his 4way and a rabies shot. He weighed in at 13.8
I cried and cried ... mama said I sounded like a little girl - thats SO not nice. I hid in my box but she dragged me out and I got shots. eeewww - i was so happy to get home and Ive been a snuggle bug since - hoping she wont take me back.

Princess (the little devil) went for a 4way  and weighed 7.0
Dont even get me started - I am so DARN mad I could spit .. oh wait I did spit and fuss and growl and claw and ... I pooed on the vet - it was bad. I got a shot and worm pills.

SO after packing up the kids I took out the box where the little ones were locked up and just last minute decided to take a "sample" in with me. Everyone got checked and shots etc and I packed them back up and was getting ready to leave when I realized the "sample" had not beel looked at so I went back in. The vet promptly checked it and ... found something WORSE than round worms. a Parisite that I will need to get the name of. SO all kitties need to be antiboticed for 10 days. the Above picture is a tube for each kitty to get them through tomorrow (Tuesday) when I will go pick up the last days of their good.
the stuff is very yellow and mint flavored (why mint) It is extremely sticky. Ill get the name of the bug and the name of the antibotic when they call to tell me how much all this is costing me. ha ha ha


  1. WOW! That was a car load and a hand full! Glad you took the sample so they can treat them all at once! I hope your vet gives a multi-pet discount!

  2. That's a lot to take on. I only do one at a time cause I have enough trouble with that. Is the thing the kittens have called giardia .. or something like that ?

    Riley, when I adopted him, had that .. something they get from bad water. He had to take meds for that for a while and be retested.

  3. Mint? What makes them think kitties like mint? Now nip...we could do nip flavored medicines!