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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Vet visit update

Scotchy has done well after his visit. Sweet as ever but a little more tired.

Tiny has been sleeping ALOT since getting home. His 3rd eyelid is still showing and it bothers me a little but .. if its not better by Saturday he will go back to the vet again to be looked at. Im hoping the wormer will make it all better.

Face ran and hid as soon as we got home. I let him be. He was sleeping like a big kitty on my pillows when I got home from work yesterday. He ate but was hesitant to let me pet him until bed time when I was laying down and all was quiet.

We have another appointment on Saturday at 9AM for 6 babies. (and tiny if needed) Im sure they will all have opinions about the trip. One that is going you all havent met yet ...that would be Miss Brooke ... will try to get her introduced tomorrow :)


  1. You are very brave to take 6 at once. I hope you have help! My kitties usually sleep all day after their shots!

  2. Good luck, I hope that your health is on good condition :))

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