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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Chickie Loo and babies update .... late

I left work early today to go by the shelter and pick up a humane trap. Got home and changed. Got the items I thought I would need for a tangle with a half wild mama cat. Went to where she had her babies after getting a report from my sister that she had eaten on the porch and ran back toward where they were.

She was keeping them in the front of an old truck that is under the trees in our field, it only has one window open in the back. The one window was sealed and I looked inside but no Chickie, I opened the door and heard babies crying shut the door re-opened the window and walked away leaving her some food, thinking I would come back in a while and try again.

I ran to town and as soon as I came back I went to the truck. Covered the window and looked inside. Again, no Chickie ... humm I saw a baby, opened the door but heard no cries. I crawled in and sadly I found 3 babies dead. None of which were the babies I had seen earlier that were crying. I do not know if these 3 were alive 2 hours earlier, from the looks of them I think not.

All three were fat and looked otherwise healthy, one even still had milk on its face, I can only think that the heat got them and that she was moving the rest when I had been there earlier. I got the three babies out of the truck and buried them in the field. We are now down to 4 babies that once again are moved to an unknown location.


  1. Sorry for your discovery...

    Thanks for burying them and saving them from more discomfort in tomorrow's heat...

  2. Three tiny angels for the Bridge, we'll send a prayer to our Angel Fuzzy to greet them. He loved kittens.
    You have our best wishes for success with the rest of the litter.
    xx loung kats

  3. Oh, no...I'm so sorry. Fingers crossed that you can find the new location. She's wily, the mom. Thank you so much for caring enough to go to all this effort. Good luck!

  4. We are so sorry about the three little Angels. We are purraying that you find her (again) and her brood and can capture all of them. Our paws are crossed!

  5. Oh no. We are so sorry to read that. We will be purring for those babies....and we will be purring even harder that you can find the remaining babies and Chickie right away.