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Monday, May 24, 2010

SUCCESS!!!!! And a TON of other stuff...

First up - no pictures today, Momy says there are not enough hours in the day and getting the pictures downloaded last night wasnt priority especially since Chickie Loo and her babies were in the room where she downloads pictures. Yes! Thats right ... Chickie Loo and the babies in the HOUSE!!! WOOOOO

Its a big fun story and I promise to tell you all of it.

Momy here -
Chcickie has had her babies in the igloo on Auntie C's porch. The last several days (yesterday especially) we have been haveing horrible Thunderstorms. One baby has been up looking out the door of the igloo. ButterScotch has an igloo just like the one Chickie has been in so I went though my cat cages to see which one would fit and the door easily go onto ... found one! Took it to Auntie C's yesterday before the first storm. Well C called about 4 thinking that Chickie was being more squirrely than normal and was worried that she was moving the babies. After the second and third storms I went down, looked in the igloo and all 4 were there. So then I waited. Chickie came on the porch, she looked at us through the window. She sat beside the igloo, in front of the igloo, beside the igloo again and FINALLY ... she went in ... I waited ... wanting to give her time to get settled. Then I walked out of the house took the cage door and held it over the igloo opening sliding the cage upto the opening, moving the door so the only place she could go was into the cage. Uncile R tapped on the back side of the igloo and into the cage she went. I put the door back on the cage and got a finger grabbed by an unhappy claw. It was ok though cause after 3 long long weeks of worrying about Chickie and the babies we had her!!
At that point we got the babies out. 4 sweet little babies. 2 girls and 2 boys. 1 black (girl) 1 light grey (girl) 2 dark grey with darker grey stripes ( boys). Except for needing their eyes washed they all are very healthy.
They took a trip to my house, not very far away maybe 1 tenth of a mile. A box with blankets and a litter box was fixed. Food was put out and the babies were put in their new bed. Chickie was brought in and the door to the cage opened, she ran out looked around and looked terrified.
A few hours later I took her some wet food. She was on the bottom shelf of the bookshelf right next to her babies. From that spot she can see the whole room, especially the door and the babies. A few hours later I checked on her but she still had not eaten.
This morning I took her more food but she had not eaten what she had. In 12 hours shes not eaten, drank or used the box. However the babies looked fat and happy so I think she did feed them.


  1. Concatulations! This pawsome, fantastic, amazing, wonderful news! We are so happy for you and Chickie Loo and the babies!!!
    Don't worry, we're sure she will settle in soon and start to eat and use the litter box, she is really unsure of what's going on right now.

  2. Fabulous job, guys! WELL DONE! *Happy dance*!

    Here's hoping Chickie Loo settles down soon and starts to eat, use the litter box, etc. Glad the babies look healthy! Woohoo!

  3. I'm thrilled ... as a former feral Mom, I know that this is the big step. Now, she will need to trust you. And, her babies will now learn to trust too.

  4. When kittehs are scared they can go quite a few days w/o eating or using the box. She'll get used to her new house.

  5. WOO HOO!!!!!!! Chickie and her babies are safe! Great job to all of you! Now we will purr for her to eat, and for great homes to be found for all!

  6. Yay Iz so glad you gotted chickie an da wee ones!

  7. YIPPEE~YAHOOEY!!! PAWesome!!! YAY for Chickie and the babies being inside! We're sure she'll come around, she scared outta her wits right now.

  8. WOOHOO!

    Mission Akhkhomplished!

    NOW, to get Mama know she's safe and it is OKAY!

    Khyra & Khousin Merdie

  9. Good job getting Chickie Loo and her babies!!...She will eat once she gets hungry enough; she just needs time to realize how lucky she is you guys saved her from the streets!...We can't wait to see photos of her and her babies!...Happy week friends...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  10. Concatulations! We are purring for Chickie to calm down and relax a little. The battle is at least half won capturing the family all in one fell swoop. Good Job! Purrrrss...

  11. We're so happy you got Chickie Loo and her babies! They're so lucky that they found you!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  12. We hope she settles down and starts eating.

  13. This is great news and a great first step! We hope that she will calm down and eat some food - we are sure that once she realizes that she is safe and ok she will eat a bit.

  14. It is good that mama and babies are safe. I hope mama has eaten and that the babies are continuing to do well.