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Monday, May 3, 2010

Momy Rant Day

Sometimes Momys get time too ....

Momy here - so I guess I need to let some things out and this is the best way I know how. First off I have a sinus infection so If Im snippy well .. thats why. My sister has had this pretty kitty hanging out at her house for a few months. Shes really a pretty cat, long haired and light grey. We found out that my sisters neighbor had the cat and decided to throw it out last fall, lets not even get into the fact that the same ding-dong has a boxer outside in a 10x10 cage, thats not played with or taken in. Well here in South West Virginia we had snow from December 18 until March. We had 3 huge snow storms. Why the idiot threw the little cat out I have no clue and to top it off she was not spayed. So ... last Thursday it was noticed that the little cat was VERY fat ... and then on Sunday morning she was not... ok so now there are kittens. I love kittens for that matter I love cats (and dogs) but mostly Im a cat person. It seems that while people can be fond of both they usually perfer one over the other so while I will do all I can to help a dog I perfer cats. So this poor little cat who is scared of everything has had kittens. Shes a young cat, this should be her first litter so I was figuring on about 3 kittens. NO ... try SEVEN thats right 7 babies. I was like OMG - ok so Ive had a lot of cats over the years and even last year helped my mama cat (which was dropped at my house) care for her 5 babies. It was decided that we would trap this lil mama and get her babies, they were born on my sisters porch and I would take her and them (all 7) to my house and help her care for them. Shes wiley ... and I mean like very wiley ... shes moved the babies 3 times so far and while shes not moving them far I worry that she will. She really does not want us near her but she dosnt seem concerned that we will hurt her babies. I would love to catch her - let her raise her litter - find them good homes - have her spayed and my sister would like to keep her. However this little cat is being difficult and I realize that cats really have a mind of their own but geezzzz!
She is a small cat and while she is coming on the porch to eat I dont think sheg going to be able to produce enough milk by week 3 for all 7 babies, yet another reason I would like to help her out.

So thats my story for today ... thats my rant. . These little ones were born on May 1. I have no pictures of them or her.

Other than that things are well at the ButterBean household.


  1. More unhumans at work -

    Just like the 'people' that had Clay and Rosanne -

    Thanks fur ranting - and good lukhk with Ms Khytty -


  2. We are purraying that you are able to catch her. I would call animal control on that loser neighbor about their dog and if you don't have animal control, call the police. Tell them the dog is neglected without food/water, etc...

  3. The doggie does have food and water. He just isnt played with or walked.

  4. We're sending lots of purrs and good vibes that you can catch this mom and her babies.

    This is why our human prefers the company of four-leggeds to two-leggeds....

  5. How I would love to help you! Poor kitty has been through so much.

  6. We sure hope you can catch Mama Kitty and her babies; it's frustrating when animals won't let you help them, but she's obviously had bad experiences with people...Best of luck, keep trying and eventually, you will win her over...Keep us updated...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  7. Another fine example of humans acting WORSE than animals!
    Contact your vet or shelter, they may have suggestions or be able to offer help in the trapping. Do you have a box or something similiar to offer as a shelter?
    In the meanwhile you're doing the best you can.
    Purring for you.
    xx lounge kats

  8. You can win her trust by leaving a box out on your porch big enough for her to bring the kittens. Put something soft inside like a sweater or towel. Another alternative is to get a trapping cage from a local shelter. You won't hurt the cat at all. We've done both with success. Good luck. You should also report the moron who left the dog out all winter.

  9. You have every right to rant!!!
    We've hear of using the kittens as "bait" to get the momma cat. I've personally never tried this, but have heard it works. Maybe you could try contacting Alley Cat Allies for tips on this situation. Good luck and bless you for helping them!!

  10. We are purring that you can catch that sweet Mama and her babies.

  11. We're purring for the Mama, and also for you - hope you're feeling better.

  12. We are behind, so we actually read the newer post first, but can I just say your neighbor is an idiot - not to be harsh, but really, who does that kind of thing, if not an idiot.