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Monday, May 17, 2010

Its Monday ...

Hellooooo friends .... hope all is well and good!
It is Rainey here in SWVA but thats ok!
Makes the garden grow.

Want to know what I did yesterday ....

I took a nap in the bestest spot EVER!
On top of Dady .. :)

SO what did you do??

Now hows about an update on Chickie Loo

Chickie Loo and her babies live at Auntie C's house. Auntie C is Momys sisur and they live close, walking distance for people but Im not allowed to go there, however I think Lucky has been close, he likes to play in the woods. Anyway.... so Chickie lives at Auntie C's and right now she has the babies in a hidie hole up against the house between some stuff thats stacked up, I think its like building materials cos they are building a workshop so they are very very well protected.

Now try to keep up here friends -

Auntie C and Uncleie R had to go outta town on Thursday - they left Wednesday night late and got back Thursday night late, well Momy fed Chickie Loo and there are other kitties there too. 3 of them actually, 2 in the house Tweetie and Sylva they are 14 years old and brothur and sisur and Auntie C has had them since they were weee lil babies and then there is Phantom and he is outside - he was dropped last fall but more about him when we have pictures of him.

So anyway .. Momy fed them and Chickie ran right up aside Momy and Momy could have petted her little head. so ... moving on to Friday Chickie did the same ting to Uncleie R and he touched her on the head and she kept her furs on didnt even jump outta them .. ha ha :) so progress. YaY!

Momy said she is happy with where the babies are and that Chickie seems to be taking good care of them and all so shes just going to watch and make sure she dosnt move them away, and when they get a little bigger she will snatch them and then work in catching Chickie to have her spayed because being spayed and neutered is important to kitties and doggies.


  1. This is great news that Chickie Loo is hanging around and even allowing herself to be patted. Excellent! Bodes well (we hope) for getting the kittens and Chicki Loo herself!

  2. Cute photo of you keeping your daddy company while he naps :)

  3. You've got the best spot in the whole house!
    Best of luck with Chicki Loo and the babies! Glad to know she is staying close!

  4. Thank goodness chickie is getting friendlier!!! Those babies and her will be taken care of in no time!

    Butterbean...that looks like a great nap you had!

  5. That is great news about Chickie! And that looks like a great way to spend a weekend, that is for sure!!

  6. Butterbean it looks like you had a nice nap.
    It is good that Chickie Loo is taking good care of the babies.
    It certainly is very important for kitty-cats to be spayed and neutered.

  7. Great Chickie news! And AWESOME napping spot.

  8. We are glad that Chickie Loo is calming down.

  9. That's good news! Great spot to nap.

  10. We like sleeping on Daddy too!!!

    Good luck with Chickie Loo.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  11. That's a great napping spot you got! Let's hope Dady doesn't move!!

    We're glad Chickie Loo and the babies are doing okay!

  12. Great news!

    Mom's passengers spent their Saturday night in your part of the world - they had a Spotty SleepovFUR with the nice Dalmatian reskhue peoples!


  13. We're so glad Chickie Loo and her babies are safe and doing well...Thanks for the update...Happy week sweet friends...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki