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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

such and such

The mama cat now know as Chickie Loo has moved the babies to an undisclosed location. We think we know where they are or at least the general area but have not seen them yet. Chickie did come to my sisters porch for dinner last night and ate very well. I have a large dog kennel with a door that we are going to put on my sisters porch and start feeding Chickie in front of and hopefully move her inside and trap her. I figure I have a few weeks to do this since the babies were just born May 1. I dont want to move them again unless I have to just because I think she will get mad and take them and I will never find them. I also plan to go by the tractor supply store this evening and purchase a humane trap and will try that as well. I am not against using the babies as a trap but I would like that to be a last resort. At this time I dont think the babies are in danger. I do worry that as they get bigger that she will be able to produce enough milk for them all. I am associated with and actually am on the board of the local humane society and I am pretty sure we have mama cats currently at the shelter. As a very very very last resort I am not against taking the babies and letting another mama raise them, just so I know they will be cared for, spayed/neutered and go to loving homes.

On another note - My sister and I walk about 4 miles on average of 4 times a week. We have decided to ask her neighbor with the boxer if we can take him walking with us when we go. I honestly dont think that he would care. The dog is taken care of he just is not played with or given the attention that boxers need. He got plenty of attention last year when he was just a puppy but now he is 80 pounds and large but extremely sweet. Im thinking that if we can take him for a long walk a few days a week then it will get him some exercise and maybe his family will pay him a little more attention. He is fed and watered daily and his 10x10 cage has an indoor area, he does have protection from the sun, wind, rain and cold. His area is cleaned from what I can tell weekly so he isnt walking around in poo. He just isnt played with like he should be. While I dont like it that he is in a small area I doubt his family can afford to fence in his yard. On the same note it would be far worse for him to be chained, at least he can walk freely and roll about.

Thank you all for your support and suggestions and ideas on catching Chickie Loo. Hopefully I can get her in the next week or so.


  1. We wish you good luck with Chickie Loo - we are behind so I have to go back to see the earlier posts on her.

    And good luck getting the neighbor to let you take the dog on your walks - it is a very nice thing for you to do!!

  2. Good luck with Chickie Loo. Fingers and paws crossed!

    GREAT idea to take the Boxer on your walks, if you can. You can always make it seem that they would be doing YOU a favour, if they are hesitant!

  3. Good luck with Chickie Loo. we hope you can trap her and find her babies.

  4. Good luck! We know you will be successful!

  5. We have our paws crossed. Patience and waiting are so hard sometimes!
    xx lounge kats

  6. We will be purring for Chickie Loo. We are wishing poopy things for her former owner.

    We have a new neighbor who is not very good to their woofies. The only time they come out of hte apartment is when they need to go potty. Meowm doesn't think they ever get to go n a walk, just for walking, or get played with. And the people are always yelling at one of the woofies....when it is the people who are not doing things right.

    So we will purr for the woofie too...and hopefully you will be able to take him when you go on your walks.

  7. I so hope you can get her and her kittens. And, the dog ... my heart goes out to him.

  8. Best of luck with Chickie Loo and her babies; we really hope you can catch them all soon...It would be great of you guys to take the neighbor dog for walks=it's sad when people don't really adore their animals and want to spend time with them...You've got a kind heart...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  9. Thank woo fur the update!

    AND THANK WOO fur asking about taking the Boxer fur walks!

    That is furry special!