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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Toes on Tuesday

Meep here - showing you my pretty little toeseys
I has a black spot on my foot :) hee hee

Its cold here in SWVA

Last evening Momy found dem lil babies - she knows where they are. Since it was suppose to be cold today (and its really cold and rainey) she didnt mess with them in hopes that Chickie Loo will leave them where they are, since they are in a safe and protected place from the wind and rain. Momy is going to try to trap her again soon ... maybe even this evening

Moosie and Scooter have been working hard on the award we got the other day .. no worries we havent forgotten


  1. What a cute lil' spotty footie with tiny splayed toesies!
    We'll hope for better weather and successful trapping!
    Right now Mommy is trying to nab a couple of strays to get TNR-ed, she feels your frustration.

  2. Hi Meep! We are glad that the babies are in a safe place - that is good to know. It is cold here and rainy too - we hate it! We think you have a very cute black spot on your foot - we like it!!

    And don't worry you are behind with the award - we have awards from like 2 months ago we still have to do but mom has been bad about staying caught up!!

  3. We just wanna give your little footsie a smooch! Hoping your mom is able to catch her tonight, since she knows where the babies are! Crossing our paws!!!

  4. Adorable photo Meep, you've got some really cute toes!...Good luck trapping Chickie...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  5. You have one of the cutest pink toes I've ever seen and that spot ... well, I'm humbled by your beauty ... spot ... get it ... beauty spot.

  6. Meep, you have precious toesies!!
    Sending your mom lots and lots of luck for trapping the momma and babies!

  7. Aw! You have the cutest spot on your little paw!

  8. You look like you are waving at us, hahameow!