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Monday, February 6, 2012


Hello there ... I am "the Princess"  and you should stay over there cause I perfer you to be no closer to me than what you are ...

Thats right .. I will RUN if you get any closer to me

Im pretty and I know it

Are you getting it all clean??

I was just checking to make sure he was getting it all clean ... really ....

The Princess ... he belly is still a little shaved from her spay several weeks ago now, she did great and healed up all good and stuff. She is extremely shy and not interesed in pets at all. She will sit on the end of the sofa with me on the other side but move to quick and shes gone. In the mornings I have kitten time with the babies and she will sit on the bed but wants no other part of it. The last 2 mornings she has allowed me to touch her tail but only if shes not facing me.

She is georgous, petite, shy and has not begun to talk to me yet .... but Im hopeful ..


  1. I had a feral Siamese so I know how this goes. Slow .. very slow. She needs to learn to trust you. The talking will come too. Always talk to her and tell her things. Pet her every day so that it's a routine for her. With time, she wil love you like no cat ever has.

    My feral, Lilly Ann .. photo .. came a long way. She hissed at me at first. In the end she let me hold her for a while.

    My other sort of feral, Riley, does not like to be held or sit with me. He does let me pet him though.

  2. princess is very sweet! Good luck taming her!

  3. Sweet Princess you are just gorgeous. We are happy you allowed the camera close enough so we could enjoy these great pictures. Hugs and nose kisses

  4. Princess, you should really let those peoples pet you. It is really nice when that happens!