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Thursday, February 2, 2012

its GroundHog Day

Its Ground Hog day ... we like ground hogs there are several that live on our property - we dont mess with them but they arent mean to us ... SO HAPPY GROUND HOG DAY to you :)


  1. We have never seen Groundhogs which is probably just as well for them. Mum says more like just as well for us. They could be bigger than we thought.

  2. Happy Ground Hog Day. It doesn't seem to matter if there are 6 more weeks of winter here! It has been spring all year!

  3. Happy Ground Hog Day!!! Silly ground hog, I say we go right to Spring!

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  4. Sounds like you have been visiting the v-e-t alot. That is never fun! We went thru that in late October, early November with Sammy to the tune of just over $1000. Then Junior had to go in for some stuff. Meowm is all v-e-t-t-e-d out and we don't want to return any time soon either. However, Orion is sneezing alot and with his asthma he may have to return to get checked out.

    Happy Groundhog Day to you all too!