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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Eye

HI ... I am "The Eye" do you see why??

My little eye is a bit messed up ... Im not blind but have some trouble seeing out if it well and seem to look in an odd direction most of the time. It looks as tho the scar spot on my eye is growing and getting worse .. this troubles momy a little ...

Im being a cinnamon bun
I love to lay on the sofa or bed or anywere momy is ... she has worked with me a whole lot since we have been here and I am the most friendly and I LOVE her and only her ... I sleep beside her at night and I really really like reading time cause she pets me and I like mornings cause we have kitten time and she loves on me and my brouther Face and sister Princess (you saw her in the previous post)

Me and Princess chillin ...
I like to play and I love momy .... i like to be anywhere she is ... i even follow her around and talk to her sometimes although she would like me to talk a bit more.

Me and Bean and Brooke (you havent met her yet) napping in dadys recliner ...

I was neutered a few weeks ago - I healed good but didnt like having to go ... oh and Momy gave me away but I wouldnet eat, drink, use the box and was unable to be found for 2 days so she came back and got me .. now I am stuck to her like whiskers  - did I mention I really love her?


  1. Yes, that poor eye would worry us too, smooch! Welcome back home sweet one!

  2. Of course you love her. It's nice you're back with her. We hope your eye will not keep getting worse.

  3. We hope your eye gets better. I would stick close to mommy, too!

  4. Oh, so are you going to stay there? That would be wonderful wouldn't it? Then you wouldn't have to get used to other peoples and other cats or woofies.

    We are sorry your eye is hurted. We hope something can help it be better!