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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Eye Update

Oh friends Thank you All so much for your help with my eye ... I do appreciate it.

This morning Momy brought in the cat carrier, she sat it in front of the heater so it would get warm and she took a towel out of the dryer to go in it. I watched and then she looked at me ... why ME? Ive been good, I didnt get on the counter at all last night and I slept by her side the whole time. I was a good kitty why ME?
So I did what any smart kitty would do ... ran. She looked for me and looked but I was sitting in the window in the back bedroom looking at the birdies, I like to look at birdies ... then there she was .... I turned to mush I love my Momy so, she picked me up and I purred for her cause Im a good boy.

Then friends I put up a pretty good fight, I struggled and I squirmed and I poked all my legs out so that she couldnet get me in but in the end I lost and into the box I went. I howled, yowled and cried a pittiful cry, all in all I was amazed at myself and a little ashamed for acting the way that I was but I wanted to stay I did not want to go - I didnt know where I was going but I knew I did not want to go. Then off we went, she had warmed the car and everything. She talked to me the whole way and told me she loved me and promised I was coming back home.

Then there we were ... we went in and she got me out ... I curled up in a ball and just laid on this big thing ... I weighed 8.2 pounds - WOW ... thats big, Ima big kitty ... woah what was THAT ... yup it was a pup dog with log swingy ears ... we went back in our room and in came the vet. Dr. Metrey she was nice. She asked me if she could pet me, Momy was holding me so it was ok. then I sat on the table, up next to momy of course and the vets said how pretty I was and how good I was being.

She looked in my eyes, she did a stain test that I passed and she listed to my lungs. Finally she said I was OK ... I have the beginnings of what looks like a VIRAL INFECTION and since my eye was hurted before it shows up more in that eye. I cant have medicines becuase Im not snotty, runny, wheezy, sneezy or any of that. But I did get EYE DROPS. They are a steriod but they dont hurt. I get them in both eyes for 3-5 days. Oh and I can have half an allergy pill 2 times a day too.

When it was all over Momy put me in front of the box but I wouldnet go in ... not that I wanted to say but I didnt want to go in she had to shove me in the box ... then we went back home where I dated out fast as I could and ran to the bedroom. Im tired ... in need of a nap now.

SO Thank you Friends ...  for giving me advice and being kind. Eye appreciate it :)

Love, snuggles and kitty kisses to you all


  1. ai sure am glad to hear that all is going to be okay!

  2. WE are glad Mom insisted you go with her! Take care!

  3. Oh yay! Eye drops don't sound like much fun, but it could be a lot, lot worse!

    Kudos to your mommy for heating the blankie and warming the carrier and starting the car early. She sounds like an awesome mommy! I'll have to make some suggestions to my staff before my next terrible, horrible V-E-T visit.

  4. I am glad that the visit turned out ok. Its no fun going to the vet but at least you are ok and can relax now... Hugs GJ xx

  5. We are glad it was not too bad and your eye drops should get you fixed up.

  6. We are glad you got some meds to help you out. We hope it heals everything up!

  7. Glad to hear it's easy to treat, although eye drops for kitties is no fun! It will be worth the hassle though to have your eyes better :)