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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

about Face

HI .. Im the Face ... do you see WHY I am The Face
Because of my beautiful muzzle
I look a lot like my sister Princess except her face is white and shes a girl

Im cute :) and I know it

Bet you want to pet me dont ya ... ha ha ha

when momy and dady caught me (I was first) dady grabed me outta the bushes by my head
I tore him up good but he didnt let go - he held me tight against him and walked 1/2 mile home holding me.
The other 2 were caught in traps two days later.
All 3 of us were fixed in December - we were listed as un-friendly

Momy just would NOT give up and she started peting me ... little at a time, on the paw, on the chest working at it more and more

Then 2 weeks ago while laying in bed she peted me and I did this ...

thats right I scratched her hand and I bit her hand but she kept petting

she would let me bite and scratch her as long as I would let her pet me

her hands were all scratched and red and bleeding for a week
we did this scratch and pet thing for days and days

i got tired of biting her ... scratching her .. was too much work
now she pets me when I want her to ... which is more and more as the days go on

I like pets

I wish Princess liked pets ... momy is trying to work with her but shes not having much of it

Me ... I lay on Momy at night and when shes watching tvs on the sofa ... i dont really like to be picked up but I will let her hold me while shes sitting

this picture is a lil blery

 Im learning to trust more ... I rub up against legs now and Ive been talking
I LOVE to play nerf gun .. I chase the darts and bring them back and I love the laser light
and I really like to take foods from hands ... and I like to bite fingers and tug on them.


  1. Face, you are a handsome boy! We are glad you and Mom worked it out so you are getting calmer. Hopefully Princess will come around, too!

  2. Good to hear you are more trusting now and your mom's hands can have a rest! Hope you settle in well in your loving home :)

  3. You have a very beautiful face, and we are glad your Mom has kept on petting you.

  4. You just keep trying and you will learn to lovelots more, and maybe your sisfur will follow your lead.