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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Mama Cat update

Ive been worried about my lil Mama Cat .. Ive been in constant contact with the vets - we are friends on Facebook ... and we text some (its good to be close but wow) so .. here is what I have found - please note that she has not been back to the vets yet ... and this is all things that I have found and research I have done and I really hope that I am wrong ...

So Ive been doing some research …. I think Mama Cat has lymphoma

Dr D had said that she had some enlarged lymphnodes – the diarrhea is a little better, 1 or 2 times a day, thick milk shake consistency but shes very boney, anorexic looking – shes eating semi well but … shes still getting the pred 1 time a day now .. shes going to spend the day at the vets end of next week – that will be 3 weeks on the pred 2 times a day and almost 2 weeks on it 1 time a day. She likes the kitten dry food and shes eating about ½ can to a can of cat food. Ive been reading the lymphoma  site and shes got all the symptoms. Shes not well … but dosnt seem to really be in pain – she does hunch or sit like a bread a lot which some say is due to tummy pain … but I don’t know

Im looking at getting her a heated cat bed as I worry that shes cold - shes been liking going into the room where she eats by herslef and just sitting. She has never really liked to be around the other cats. She does ask for pets and ask to go outside some but not much anymore where she would stay out all day and all night if I would let her. She likes to lay on Shon. Shes gotten so skinny that Im half scared I will hurt her when I pick her up.

She will be taking a day trip to the vets next week for an evaluation - I know there isnt much that can be done I just dont want her to be in pain, and I dont that that she is .. .


  1. I am so sorry - these are the hardest ones when you can't figure it out. I will say this - you may want to consider getting her retested for FIV/FeLV. I had a momma cat last spring who was having similar issue...she came to me with a negative test, so I didn't think about it. She was at the vet trying to figure things out and they didn't realize she had been tested - so retested her. Turns out she was FeLV positive. Please keep us posted....

  2. I do agree with Random Felines, Take her to the VET will be the best way. And Don't scared to pick her up because that's one thing the doctor told me, if something wrong, kitty will cry.
    Purring and Paws crossed for lil Mama Cat

  3. Oh goodness. Well, she definitely needs to be seen again. We are hoping it isn't as you suspect, but if it is we know you will make the right decision. Sending purrs and prayers.

  4. WE are still praying for her and yoU!