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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

oh my oh my oh my

Mammmmaaaa LOVES us .... WOOO

She says shes going to build us a SUN ROOM ... we dont really understand completly BUT there is SUN involved and we overheard her say something about LOTS of sniffies and whiffies and ... .aahhh ... we not sure when but we hopes soon ... or at least by the time its warms :)

From MA-
Back last summer we had a Drancho come through ... while we were only without power for 7-8 days we had minimal other damage. It was a small storm about a month after that which caused a fairly good sized poplar tree to land on the house and back porch destroying the porch for the most part. I had been wanting a new and bigger back porch but could not justify the NEED .. now with the one I had being mostly destroyed I can justify ... and might as well make it really nice so the kitties can enjoy and be safe. Therefore we are going to go look at some sunrooms and see what would work for our house. If all goes well I hope the room will be completed by spring.


  1. Thanks COD ! You all are safe !
    But good thing, you can make a new sunroom for your kitties ! They are looking forward for sure, even me : )
    Have a fantastic day

  2. Oh this would be so wonderful!!!! We hope it gets ready in time for lots of warm sun and tons of window whiffies!!!