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Thursday, January 31, 2013

About that "New Kitty"

That was a new stinky kitty ... that skunk was one that I had not seen before. It is much smaller than the 2 that regulary visit. I do not set my trap during the night for fear of catching one - if I do trap at night I put a blanket or something over the trap so that if a skunk is caught I am less likely to be sprayed - if I were to catch one I would take the lil critter out to the field and open the door to let it go, I have not caught one but have caught many cats and a few opossums :)
That lil skunky ate its dinner and was gone in less than 20 minutes - the bigger one likes to hang around for a while.

We have flooding here in VA - Im stuck on my muntain for a while. No chance of the water reaching my house but I cant get to the road that leads to work - ah well ... good excuse to take a nap with the kitties.


  1. We wish Meowm would stay at home and nap with us....but we con't want the flood. Stay safe!