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Monday, January 7, 2013

Bad Boo Boo

We live out ... pretty far out .. we have nice fields and a pretty good distance to the closest neighbor. We have a nice front yard with trees and flower beds and bird feeders to play in and the back yard is a huge field. We have some buildings to play in and around and under. Several of us go outside typically only when the pawrents are home. WaterMelon goes out when he wants usually all day and comes in at night. Brooke, Tiny and Stripey go out when a pawrent is home or in the case of Sunday mom and dad knew they would only be gone a short while so they were out while they were gone. Lucky and Moosie ONLY go out when someone is there to watch them as they have no front claws.

Then there is Boo Boo ... for many many years ma would not let Boo go out - main reason is that he doesnt like to come back in - however he is allergic to fleas and not use to being out. He is a BIG boy with all his sharpies - he has long furs that can get matted ... Well back in the summer Boo did good - he would go out and he came back on his own and asked in - so Saturday dad let Boo out ... Mom said no but ... well ... that was fairly early 10-11 in the morning ... at 7pm when it started to sleet Boo was still Not in .. nor was he at 8 ... mom went looking for him ... no Boo ... she went to bed, dad was out with the fire department and go home at 12 ... he looked for Boo ... still no Boo ... FINALLY at 3am ... Boo came to the door ... Needless to say he was plum tuckered out on Sunday and didnt move from the bed most of the day - ma says Boo Boo is a Bad kitty ... and wont be going out anymore ...


  1. WE are so thankful that BooBoo came home safe.

  2. We are very glad BooBoo finally came home. Better to keep him in than to have bad things happen.

  3. We are glad he came back safely. That is the reason we are not allowed out in the fields unsupervised. When we were young we used to play in the fields whenever we wanted, then Eric started to walk across to visit the neighbours but sometimes forgot to turn around and kept walking further and further away. Now we go in our fenced garden whenever we like but only walk the fields when mum is with us.