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Monday, January 14, 2013

CAUGHT - works this time

Mama and Lucky in the recliner
Lucky has always laid in the recliner - since Mama has been not feeling well she has been laying there, everytime she gets up he takes her spot
On this day they shared ... :)

Mama has been eating pretty well - it was nice here this weekend so she went out for several hours, she sat on the porch bannister the whole time but she was in the sun and it was 70 outside - fresh air apparently did her good as she woke me up climbing the curtians in the bedroom at 5am - she laid on the bed next to me until I got up at 530 - she has been more verbal lately too

She goes to the vet on Thursday for the day to hang out and be checked out


  1. We bet that warm sunshine felt really good to Mama! We are sending her tons of purrs.

    We are jealous of your 70 degree temps. Too much snow and cold here.

  2. fresh air and sunshine are good for what ails her!

  3. I love being out in the fresh air myself.

    Genghis Khat