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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Last night and Mama update

Last night Mama got out the sucky monster ...

I however did not care ... she did flick me in the ear tho and that got me goin ... we played and played - I was gentle with her ... hee hee hee

Stripey was not concerned either .. she crawled under the blanket on the sofa beside the cord and just watched all the non-sense mama was doing .. she was dancing and actin a fool

Stripey totally NOT caring

And then there is Mama Cat - chillin in the other room where she eats. Mom had a phone conversation with the vet and they have upped Mamas meds back to 2 times a day - vet wanted her to get 1 ml twice but since shes only been getting .5 ml once a day Mom didnt want to make her mads so shes getting .7 ml twice a day - moms going to try to squeeze a 3rd dose in there to get her up to 2 ml for the day .. otherwise Mama cat is eating, drinking and has been chasing her tail some :) all good things - litterbox is better but not where she needs to be at this point


  1. We don't like the sucky machine! You are all very brave!!!

    We hope Mama gets to where she needs to be soon!

  2. You are not afraid of the sucky monster? You are a brave bunch of kitties!