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Saturday, January 26, 2013


its 40 here today and the snow is melting ... Tiny, Brooke, Stripey, Face, Princess, Watermelon, and Lucky are all out playing .. they wont get near the snow .. its quite funny .. Mama went out for a but but has come in and found a comfy spot on top her Dady in the recliner for a nap :)

There was a cat show today and we went - had never been to a cat show before it was interesting .. I dont know that I could or would but one of my furbabies through that ... seeems so stressful yet none of the kitties acted stressed .. ah well .. went - saw - came home

have a wonderful day friends


  1. We have never been to a cat show. We think it takes a lot of work to have a show cat. We like to play and sleep too much here to think about being in a show. : ) You all stay nice and warm in the cold and snow. Hugs and nose kisses

  2. We are quite content and don't feel the need to prove ourselves at a cat show. We already know we are magnificent! ;)

    Orion and Sammy