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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Bellah Rubs

Trying to give bellah rubs with one hand and and take a good picture with the other is not so easy and to make it harder the subject was not interested coming out of that crate!
I was so happy that he was being friendly and asking for pets that I really didnt mind in the end I pretty much crawled in the crate with him.
I am hoping that today we will make progress - today Smokey will get new newspaper - for whatever reason he perfers to lay on the paper and not the towels.
He is eating good, drinking plenty and using the litterbox.
The head titlt is still there, since he has not been up walking around for me I dont know if its any better but from these pictures its there. His eyes look much better and he does so well with the ointment being put in them - He is done with his pain meds and this morning I put crushed wormer in his food.

YES! He was trying to be a filppy kitty :)
Big Hugs to all
Have a super Saturday!


  1. Ha! These pictures are delightful, he looks relaxed and happy. He has such a handsome big head, our ape loves him. Maybe he loves the crate so much because after a long while living outside it's just nice to have a safe hidey hole to lay up in?

    Purrs to all

    Gerry & Mungo

  2. Oh that is so great of you to take such good care of Smokey. It looks like he is really enjoying being inside. And you are doing such a good job of being very patient with him. I have dealt with many feral or stray cats. It takes lots of patience but it is sooooo rewarding. We will be back to check on the progress.

  3. Aww just lovely pictures... Hugs GJ xx

  4. He seems very settled with you and seems to love being in a warm dry place. We hope he'll enjoy reading his new newspaper!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. The fact that you can get in there and get that close without him freaking out is a good sign.... given time love and patience we bet you see a big change. :)

  6. Smokey has figured out he has a safe, warm, dry place to eat, sleep, and just hang out. He sees no good reason to leave his cave.

    Give him time. Eventually Smokey will get to feeling better, and decide to explore the house, and maybe even curl up in your lap.

  7. Hi Smokey, we thinks you are silly for laying on the paper and not the towels.