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Monday, February 11, 2013


Smokey the great was FINALLY caught yesterday - it was an adventure for sure! I saw Smokey in the yard so I set the trap, this was about 4:00 in the afternoon. Trap was bated with wet food on top of dry on my covered porch - I waited and waited and finally decided that I was going to un-set the trap move the bowl mid-way out and let him get use to the trap about that time he came up on the porch - looked and then walked in, his paw was getting ready to make the cage shut when he backed out .. .he then walked round and round the cage putting a paw through to smack at the bowl, he found the can and licked it clean and ate every litte moresel he could find then again he walked into the trap and WHAP!

I GOT HIM! ... I jumped up and down and did a little dance I did I did ... all the while he was going NUTS - then he calmed ... I went out the back door to get the dog crate and brought it in - paced for a bit heart racing .. I texted my vets office and told them I would be there this morning and they were excited .. I lined the crate with newspaper so that if smokey did some business it would be easy to clean out got a sheet and went out the front door - he didnt move, I covered the trap, he didnt move - then I sat the trap inside the dog crate in a bedroom covered him walked out and shut the door - I never heard a peep out of him.

This morning I looked in, he is a large cat with small little paws but I could see claws, he has some kind of mark on his neck not sure if it’s a scar or if he has been scratching or what, his head is crooked and his eyes are funny looking, they are a little discolored and he seemed as if he has trouble focusing on things, his left ear has a little chunk missing, his tongue was sticking out just a little and Im not sure why – I hope its not always like that. I poked a finger in the side and gave him a little touch, he didn’t seem to mind and even krept up to the front where I was and gave the cage a head bump of sorts. No meowing, yowling or growling when we carried him out and into the jeep and not a peep outta him the whole way, I talked to him but I really think he is deaf and couldent hear me.

At the vets office he was to be tested for FIV - they called he is FIV - NEGATIVE! WOO HOO ... He is getting neutered - as I type this! Shots, a tooth pulled (vet called back he had a really bad painful looking tooth), his ears cleaned and medicated, his eyes medicated and a long acting antibotic shot! I can pick him up on my way home from work, he will come home with eye meds IF he is willing to let me put it in his eyes will be another story. I took the large dog crate because that will be his house for the next several days - maybe a week depending on the progress made with him and our weather here - they are once again calling for us to have some snow this weekend. BOO HISSS

Anyway friends ... Im pretty excited over here - feeling quite proud of myself for catching the big boy and getting him the medical help he was obviously needing.


  1. wooohoooo!!!! I always feel a little bad for the cats that freak out in live traps - but like you, do a little dance when you hear that satisfying SNAP. :) Glad you caught him and he is getting snipped and some needed vet care. Good luck with him......

  2. That is great news! He may not appreciate it right now but he will feel much better for having veterinary attention.

  3. Hang in there, Smokey. You probably don't believe it, but you should feel a lot better in a few days.