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Tuesday, February 5, 2013


I was excited last evening - it was a bit warmer than it had been and the wind had stopped - I fed the kitties and Smokey

was on the porch - I fixed him a bowl of yummie goodness and set the trap he walked around and around the trap and would skamper off when he would see me watching ... so I went in the other room, did other stuff and heard a WHAP ... I yelled - I GOT HIM! and went running to the door

I in fact had a big grey kitty ... however it was WaterMelon
who was NOT happy at all about being trapped ... so mad that he didnt eat any of the food
I got him out and into the house and re-set the trap as it was still nice out and Smokey was in the yard

I went back to doing "stuff" and about 30 minutes later I heard WHAP! ... I said woo hoo got him this time ...

obviously this is not the one I had in my trap but you get the point ... so the Opossum DID eat all the food ... I opened the door and the little bugger just sat there for like an hour
Once he went on his way I fixed Smokey some dinner and he came and ate .. .maybe next time


  1. ahh the trials and tribulations of TNR - the real challenge is catching the one you REALLY want.... good luck!

  2. Has Watermelon been fixed? If not, at least you got one!

  3. MOL...at least you got the Grey One Ha Ha Ha
    More paws crossed I hope you get Smokey in da trap so soon : )

  4. Oh Yes ... WaterMelon was fixed years ago - he sleeps in my bed at night silly boy