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Monday, February 11, 2013

Mama Cat Update and Smokey

Mama has been doing pretty good at holding her own ... she does not like the medicine and since it was upped almost 2 weeks ago she dosnt like me most days. Overall I would say good-ish days are more than bad days but when there is a bad day its really  bad.

Saturday was one of the bad ... really bad days ...

Shes been on a beef kick - if its not beef wet food she wont eat it but Saturday morning she wouldent even smell the beef - so I gave her turkey on another plate she took a few bites and then threw up in her plate - then threw up in the floor .. I mean wow she didnt eat that much - she laid on the table and looked outside - I feed Mama in a room by herself mainly becuase she eats incredebly slow and for the most part I dont feed the others wet food - so I let her be, she has everything she needs in that room, a window with a table and blanket, a chair with a pillow, a litterbox, food wet and dry and water - its the warmest room in the house and shes away from the others

During the day she did go out for a bit - maybe 10 minutes ... Saturday afternoon she wanted in her room - I had taken out the bad food so all she had was her dry and the beef wet - I let her in and went to town for a while. When I came back ... it was bad .. she had thrown up 3 times and used the box at least 5 and had eaten very little ...

I got her out of the room and I did a quick clean saving the big clean for Sunday. Sunday was a little better - she ate some beef wet but only after I put baby food on it - whatever food is food - she has FINALLY finished the tuna flavored prednisone and we can start on the beef flavored today. She ate most of a can of turkey and giblets last night of course she was disturbed that the dog crate with another kitty in it was in her room so she had to eat in the bathroom.

Now its Monday morning 345 - Ive been awake for a while - Im excited that I caught Smokey, but Im nervous yet relieved ... and right now I cant believe the vets office wont be open for another 4 hours ...


  1. We are purring hard for Mama Cat - doesn't the time always go very slowly when you want the vet to be in the surgery?
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  2. WE are glad you got Smokey! We are sending purrs for Mama!

  3. We are sending Mama Cat lots of rumbly purrs and love. We are so sorry that she is having these bad days, but we know you are doing everything you can to help her feel better.

    Well done for catching Smokey, our ape is in love with him. Maybe he had a an ear infection early in life and it gave him a head tilt. Hope the vet office opens soon!

    Luff Gerry & Mungo