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Thursday, February 14, 2013


Smokey is still doing good - he is using his box and eating and sleeping - not much else for him to do right now so ... he might as well enjoy! His eyes already look SO much better. Tonight is the last of the pain medication and he is supposed to get eye ointment twice a day through Tuesday but Im not sure I want to make him stay in that long. We are suppose to have bad weather on Saturday, if it warms back up I would like to let him back out Sunday or Monday. He will let me pet him but he isnt asking for pets, no purring, no meowing, no growling - just chillin ... I havent tried to pick him up - yet! he will let me push him all around the crate to get clean towels in and dosnt seem to mind. He has not stood up for me or sat up for me ... but I assume he is still sore from the surgeries and thrashing in the trap.
I figure Friday evening after 24 hours of no pain meds he will be more himslef.

Mama is very annoyed by his presence but she did sleep in the room where he is last night

Tiny this morning was having a "thing" with all the things in the bed room - he was jumpy at the shoes and the bed .. not sure what his deal was but it was funny!


  1. Happy to hear Smokey is still doing good. We hope you all are doing well. Hugs and nose kisses

  2. We are so happy Smokey is doing better. Sounds like he might be able to go to a home. We are thinking if he was truly feral you wouldn't be able to do the things you are.