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Sunday, February 10, 2013


I get up at odd times ... usually really early - the cats like it ... I feed them, clean their boxs, wash water bowls and give pets - its currently 430 and all thoes things have been done and Stripey is laying in my lap. We cruised some other blogs and took 2 pictures this morning.
Princess went out side last Spring - since she as been here she has never willingly allowed me to pet her and when she was in the house she would hide all the time, since she has been outside she is on the porch every morning and every night - she has an igloo with a bed and blankets on the porch that is covered and she has chairs with blankets and rugs and she has her brother Face who had been going in and out for several weeks before she went out. Face still comes in almost daily - pretty muche whenever he wants however he perfers to be out and most nights they sleep together. When its really cold out it gives me comfort to know they are together.

This is what is currently happening on the porch on the chair that white blanket is some kind of thermal blanket - my mom had it and gave it up saying it made her too hot - Face and Princess LOVE it! They have been sleeping on it every night since I put it out there (about a week)
So snuggle up with someone you love - as I look around the room I see that most of my kitties are settling in for a nap - its 445 maybe I should take one too ... get back up at a normal hour


  1. Aww gorgeous snuggle pictures especially the last one.. Hugs GJ xx

  2. You two look so sweet and adorable all snuggled on your warm blankie. Hugs and nose kisses

  3. WE are glad they have each other to keep warm.

  4. Nice they have each other to keep them warm. Mum says she can't imagine being up at that hour of the day and actually functioning.