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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Releasing Smokey

Or Not ... hee hee hee

The weather here was nice yesterday would have been a great day to turn him out hwever they were calling for bad weather last night snow, sleet all that crap .. so Shon and I decided to keep Smokey in until the weather was going to be niceer - its cold today, raining and yuck gonna be real cold tonight and tomorrow - this weekend looks super! So does next week .. so for now Smokey is still in his crate, warm, eating well getting pets ... tho I have to go into the crate to give him pets he wont come to me .. : )


  1. He sounds like he is a sweet boy. We so wish his head tilt would go completely away before he goes back outside. We will be purring for him.

  2. You Got Me !
    but I'm glad you didn't release him now : )
    Enjoy your momments

  3. Smart move! Keep him safe and warm!