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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tuesday morning with Smokey


Last night I visited with Smokey for a bit, I just sat and talked to him. He was relaxed and didnt mind me being there - he had not eaten any food but that was ok he was still really groggy as you can see from the picture above. So I decided to pet him - and a pet turned into a brush which he seemed to like as he would work the one paw I could see just a little. Even tho he is short haired he had some matting on his back so I brushed him for a few minutes. Petted him on the head and left so he could rest.
This morning I went in to check on the Smokey Man. He had used his litter box and eaten most of his wet food. Not really enough to keep a big man cat going but enough to make me happy that he is moving around and eating some. I was very gentle in removing the upper layer of newspaper and his towel - he wasnt real sure and at one point hid his face in the corner of the crate. I petted him when he did this and he turned his head to watch - gave him clean box, towels and food. I brushed him again and he relaxed - Ive gotten out most of the matting on his back - he is so soft. His pain medicine was incredebly easy, I just put the tube up to the side of his mouth wiggled it a litte and he opened, pushed the plunger and done. I will drop his perscription for eye ointment off this morning and see how that goes this afternoon.
Thank you all for the purrs - they are appreciated!


  1. What a wonderful thing you have done for Smokey : )
    Kudos to you and purrs more for Smokey. Keep it up dude !
    You will get better every day.
    (((( hugs ))))

  2. Thank you for looking after Smokey - his fur is a lovely shade and we bet he feels better for that gentle brushing.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. We will purr for Smokey...he is a lucky cat! We just celebrated our Nigel's 4th Gotcha Day. He is a huge mancat and we trapped him. He's now living the good life and although he was freaked out at first, he's now settled in to the life of a loved indoor cat.

    xoxo Cory

  4. He is a beauty. At least you have a chance to get to know him and he is getting use to you. Hopefully after the pain meds are out of his system he till still be this calm!

  5. Awww poor Smokey. We are so glad you caught him. Sounds like he needs the TLC. Will you try to keep him, or release him?

  6. Mega purrrrrrrrss for you and Smokey both. Smokey must have been waiting a long time for some love and a safe place to just hang out and relax.

  7. Sending up prayers from here that sweet Smokey continues to improve and get all well. Hugs and nose kisses

  8. Smokey, you may not think it yet, but your life just got 100% better. We are sending you purrs to help you deal with all this change and hope your ear can be sorted out. The Ape says to say that sometimes Calici can cause polyps in the ear and if they get scratched they can get inflamed and sore. We hope the vet can sort that out for you.

    Luff from Gerry & Mungo

  9. Still sending love and purrs to Mama Cat too!