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Friday, June 28, 2013


Because of the trip and the Hippity Hop we have missed some birfidays

So right here - right now we are going to say Happy Birthday to:

 on June 23 he turned 7

on June 26 he turned 9

on June 29 he turns 9

So next week they will get to have their remember days to celebrate their birthdays :)

Mr Rabbit leaves tomorrow for his new home - he has been much fun to have around. He is very much a house bunny we wish him the best in his new adventure


  1. Lotsa birthdays! We're glad the bunny will be going to his new home. We're gonna miss seeing him. Your humans were so kind to rescue him :)

  2. Happy Birfday to all! We hope you get lots of kisses and even more treats! Hope to hear good updates on Mr. Rabbit! Purrs...

  3. Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday everyone !!!


  4. Do in one hit ! That's great idea !!!
    Happy Happy Happy Birthday to you all
    I hope you all have a fantastic time and have a fabulous age : )
    Lots of love & Cuddle