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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Ohhhh Fur-iends

Oooohhh FRU-IENDS .... its horrid ... horrible ... bad bad bad

Momy and Dady is going on a trip ... they are leaving us ... leaving us I tell you ... LEAVING

How ,,,,,


We IS NOT happy  ... ...

They is going to the other side ... They is going to California ...

Grand ma ma ma and our Auntie will be taking care of us - we all get to stay home and they will come feed us and play with us and scoop out our boxes ... in the mean time our blog will be the TRIP blog for the duration of thier trip ... Momy will be posting of the things they see and do .... WITHOUT US

We is mads ... kinda ... playing in the suitcases is fun tho ....


  1. We do not blame you! Our Mom and Dad are going all the way to the other side of Texas and will be gone for a week! The Favorite Granddaughter will take good care of us. We need to have a two house trashing party!

  2. We're so sorry your beins are going to California without you. Grandmas and Aunties take good care of fur babies, though :)

    Be sure you leave a few good horks in the beins shoes before they arrive home!

  3. We do hope you can have a huge house trashing party whilst your beans are away in California. They will be so thrilled when they get home and will definitely think twice about taking vacations without you again.