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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Trip day 2 - the hike

Day 2 of our Trip started early on Saturday morning - first there was breakfast consisting of fruit, turkey & apple sausage, egg omelets, French toast and juice. then we all packed a sandwich and planned out the hike .... the "easy hike" about 8 miles or the "hard hike" about 12 miles .... ha ha 
Shon and I opted for the hard one ... 4 mile to panorama to Glacier Point and down the mist trail ... the easy one started at Glacier Point. The people doing the easy one met the rest of us at Glacier Point for lunch - with packs packed with water and snacks we were on our way.

I have several hundred pictures ... just not on here

the guys sunscreening and bug protecting

the beginning of the journey

a little rest and some blisters?

Russ and Shon



Clint - Shon - Bruce

Clint - Shon - Bruce and Jason

Shon - Chi - Russ - Clint

Shon - Justin - Jason - Russ - Clint

Back Row - Justin - Jason - Russ - Clint - Bruce
Bottom Row - Shon - me - Toby - Chi

the long hike group


So the short hike ended up being just about 12 miles ...
the long hike was just about 18 miles
needless to say we were all worn out!
Dinner was steak, zucchini, peppers, mushrooms, chicken
COOKIES! Made fresh by Chef Justin
Tomorrow another fun filled day :)

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