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Monday, June 17, 2013

TRIP Day 1

Day 1 - Friday
 In packing for the trip the kitties tried to go ... Lucky in the suitcase checking things out
On Friday Shon had to work half the day while I mowed the yard and picked up branches from the bad storm Thursday - I was VERY happy to get the yard mowed and everything looking pretty so we could be gone.

Sitting in Roanoke Airport waiting to go

Our Plane

Charlotte to Sacramento!
Anyone who says they sleep on a plane are full of crap ... not a good sleep
We got to Sacramento 30 minutes late - by the time we got our bags and car and got on the road it was 4AM before we got to the cabin. We took in what we had to have to go to sleep and 3 hours later we were up and moving ... by 9 we had eaten breakfast and were on the way to a great hike!
Those pictures tomorrow!

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