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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Updates on Ralph Mama Smokey and the rest of the gang

I am happy to report that RALPH has found his way home and was sitting on his porch this morning asking for breakfast. His parents had been so upset ... they papered the area with flyers, went door to door, called every vet clinic in the area, went to the "pound" daily and called too .. .and here he was this morning ready for food and a nap. We are SO happy he is home.

Mama goes this afternoon to get her stitches out :) she was chasing her tail the last 2 nights so I think she is feeling better. She let herself outside yesterday while i was in the yard picking up sticks. She laid in the grass for about 30 minutes and was ready to go back in. She is still eating good and has had no reason for her meds so I think she is doing great right now.hopefully we cna go more than a month without stitches.

Smokey is doing well. He is very playful - he plays big and sleeps big - his itchiness has gotten better and his scabs have healed, his coat is so soft and full and he is just happy.

Spike has been around here and there - evening before last he was out at moms, he growled and hissed and I loved on him, gave him some dinner and now he wont leave her back door. He is such a funny guy.

I made them all mad the other night. I was standing in the floor and all i could hear was licking and scratching six of my lovelies were digging is some manner ... so they ALL got the flea goo ... I use Advantage Plus so that it takes care of worms etc as well. Of course you would have thought I was killing them ... and they were mad for the night (cat free bed all night) but they seem back to normal now. And less licking :)


  1. If t=you are going to dose one, do them all! I am so happy that Ralph came home!

  2. We are thrilled that Ralph made his way back home and is none the worse for wear :)