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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Trip Days 5 & 6 -

Tuesday and Wednesday were much the same

Both days Shon had to be at the conference at 10 -

We stayed at the Maple Tree Inn

Both Tuesday and Wednesday I hung out by the pool

And walked down the street to Eriks Deli for Lunch
I had the same sandwich both days - The Rio Grande without the avocado

Tuesday night we ate at the Tied house - a local brewery pub
the food wasn't all that good so I didn't bother with pictures
Wednesday I did a load of laundry - the clothes we wore in Yosemite were .... well stinky!

I checked out the fitness room

Wednesday night we had dinner at a park - the Microsoft "dinner"

Food was California typical BBQ foods - salad, fruits, ribs, corn, chicken, hamburgers, potato salad, slaw, beans ... you get the point - it was mostly good but in no way southern style

The place was very pretty and had the wind not been blowing like crazy it would have been a good time - the wind blew so hard and then it got cold and everyone was pretty well gone by 8
Tomorrow is the last day of the conference - I will be going on a fun adventure and then we head to San Francisco

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