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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Trip - Day 7 - 2nd post for today

Thursday - Last day of the conference Clint picked up Shon and I had the car since we had to check out of our hotel at 10 and I had to have someplace to go ... Sooo I went to the Winchester House - the Never finished House the Lady Winchester was continuously building - I spent over 2 hours here and it was awesome ... my first tour was of the house - I got to see and or walk through 105 of 160 rooms this tour was suppose to be 65 minutes and ended up being 75 minutes ... the second tour was behind the scenes and went into more details and I got to go in the basement - Sadly I could not take pictures inside the house but took plenty outside ... enjoy - I know I did!

When I was finished with the grand tour I was HUNGRY so I headed back to Sunnyvale for some lunch - I headed to Castro Street - this road could have been a town all by itself

I had spaghetti with meat balls - was good - not good enough for what I paid but was good
After Lunch I picked up Shon from the conference and we headed to San Francisco

This was our hotel - was super big and really nice - yet cheaper than the maple tree
totally forgot to take a pic of the outside of the building and the sign

this was our view

and dinner the hotel served
from here we headed to a San Francisco Giants Baseball game
walking to the stadium

view from our seats

Clint came too


game was "sold out" close to 42,000

The Giants lost 2-1
But it was fun!
We left at top of the 8th so that Clint could get back to his hotel at a good time as he was flying home at 7am ... and we had all had a long day
Tomorrow San Francisco
And don't forget to look at the post before this one about the rabbit

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