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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Trip Day 3

Day 3 - Sunday - This is where we stayed

There was a hot tub that no one used because after the 18 or 12 mile hike we were toast and just wanted dinner and sleep

Some super yummie steaks were grilled here

The back of the house

Name of the house

Clint survived the 18miler

Bruce smiling after 12

Jason always smiling

The View

Found a Bear!

Bruce and Toby - Toby did the 12 mile hike. He was super!

Justin our head chef (makes some wonderful cookies too)

Casey held down the fort while we went on the hike. He wanted to go but sprained his ankle on Friday before the hike - happily he is feeling better


The house

After our 18 mile hike through and around Yosemite Shon and I decided to go see the big sequoias - the BIG Trees as they are lovingly called. We had some adventures along the way ...

We stopped at the Wanona Hotel - second oldest only to the Coranado in San Diego

The grounds were small but nice. There we found out that to get to the BIG TREES we were to take a shuttle as the parking is very limited

After talking to the attendant :) we purchased tickets for the tram ride to see the trees. for the $26 we got to ride the 7 mile loop and hear the commentary about the trees and their history

I took lots more pictures of the trees they were huge a beautiful - I will post more later
The other guys (Chi, Jason, Clint, Russ and Casey) went on a rafting adventure - I will post pictures of that later as well
So after the trees we headed to Sacramento about a 3 hour drive

We met for dinner at Johnny Garlics

Fish Tacos ...

Shon liked

Clint liked

I got the Roasted Garlic chicken - it was ok - I would have rather had what Shon got

Shon had the Cajun chicken fettuccini - really good!

we had this as an appetizer - it was YUM


Russ with smore pizza

After dinner we all headed to our hotels for a good nights sleep

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