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Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Everyone LOVES babies ... and Momy took LOTS of pictures of the babies ...

Momy would not let any of us boys in to see the babies and I really really wanted to go in there and see cause I love babies ...however Mama Cat was MEAN and well mean! She would not let anyone but Momy and Dady get even close to the babies....

This is Mama just a few days after having Babies
She and the kids were in a very warm room (it was February and snowing) it was warm enough that she could leave them in their box and lay in the chair or floor or on the table and look outside. She was VERY good about letting her room be cleaned and her box and towels

Babies Week 1

Week 1

By week 2 Momy had found homes for all the babies. Momy and Dady decided to keep Mama Cat and find the babies homes. Lucky enough she found 3 homes for 5 babies. The kitten that was going to a home alone would not be alone the people taking her had a 12 week old kitten so they would be close in age - Momy was VERY particular with who got the babies - everyone that was getting a baby was a friend of a friend and came highly recomended. 
Momy took LOTS of pictures and sent baby pictures out to the new families every Tuesday then kittens were named and she called them by their names - this made it easier for Momy to let them go after 10 weeks of having babies in the house.

Week 2

Week 2

Week 3
Moving around
3 Girls and 2 Boys
The Calico, Tortie and front yellow & white are the girls
The Tortie and Orange were long haired

Week 4

week 5
outta the box and eating cereal

More Kittens Tomorrow ...


  1. Thank you ... this so reminds me of when I had my five kittens around.

  2. Aw, those babies are so cute! We're glad your momy was able to find them all good homes!

  3. Why am I getting the khraving fur a snakhk?


  4. Ohohohohoh, babies, I love love love baby kitties...I'm known and a manny or male nanny when we haf foster kittens. Ooooh, dey is sooooo cute!~Speedy
    It's true, our brofur is nuts about babies and dem is some cutie patooties.

  5. These kittens make us feel very good and warm. We are happy they have all found homes.

  6. They are so lovely. I am realy glad that your mum found them all loving homes.. Hugs GJ x

  7. What wonderful photos! We love babies too!

  8. I think I'm in love! Those orange boys are just precious.

  9. Holy furballs!!!! Look at all that cuteness!!!!!!

  10. How nice that the new families got weekly photos of their babies until it was time for them to leave! I think the calico is especially beautiful.

  11. Oh My CUTENESS!!! Mom thinks she just had cuteness overload!