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Monday, January 25, 2010

A little late but .... Balanced

Saturdays Photo hunter was Balanced

Meep is very balanced

Momy says BIG thank yous to EVERYONE for all of their kind thoughts and purrs. We had a pretty good weekend hanging out with her and loving on her. She was quite needy this weekend and wouldnet leave us alone. It was VERY rainey here yesterday and last night - Granmaw and Pawpaw came over last night for chicken wings and football. Thats was fun!


  1. It looks like you are way up high. We are insiders, so we have never climbed a real tree. We have a lot of things to climb on though. We send purrs and kisses.
    From your friends at
    Boo-Bahs Little Sunshines

  2. Meep you have awesome balance!

    We haven't climbed any trees, either, but Nicki's awfully good at climbing the fence and trying to get underneath all the lattice and netting our human mum has attached to the top. She says it's to keep us safe, but we're not sure about that. We'd rather be out climbing trees!

    We hope your mum's better!

  3. Oh what a picture - you are so brave!

    We just read about the tough weekend your mom had - we know how hard it must be for her so we are sending her lots of purrs and supportive thoughts.

  4. You are very high and balanced, Meep

  5. Meep, you are so furry brave!

    Still sending your mom lots and lots of comforting vibes for her sads.
    ~Maggie May and The Creek Cats~

  6. MEEP!!! Be careful little one!!!

    Sending some more hugs and gentle purrs to you all for your loss.

    Lots of hugs~
    Skeeter, King, Pandora, and Cricket

  7. We are glad you had a better weekend with lots of cuddles. That looks a very good climbing tree. You need good balance for climbing trees.

  8. I had nothing to do with woo getting up there!