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Monday, January 4, 2010

Lil Girl

Mom was hangin out with Grandmeow and Pawpaw one August evening like usual in 2008 when she saw something out in the field ... she went to inspect ... the closer she got the louder it MEOWED ...

It was a lil kitty ... a VERY lil kitty

Momy picked up the kitty and brought back to paws house where she put it in a cat carrier and fed it. It was very friendly and sweet and so so so so so skinny .... she then took it home

This is what it looked like ...

MAN is she not UGLY!
Dady called her the Alien Baby for a while

Momy took her to see Dr. D - Kitty weighed all of 4 pounds and Momy almost cried when she found out Kitty was at least 8 years old! Thats right someone had her for 8 years! Then threw her away ...

After being given a clean bill of health, getting her shots and seeing a scar on her tummy to indicate being spayed she came back home - Momy went around asking if anyone has lost a kitty ... no one had
Dady named her Lil Girl and she is a Dadys Girl

Lots more about her - just wait til you hear this stuff !!


  1. Such tails fur your tales...
    Or is that tales fur your tails?


  2. Lil Girl is a beauty! Those torties are furry special. We are so sorry to hear someone discarded her after all those years, but so happy to hear she ended up in your furry good forever home. She is a furry lucky girl!

  3. awww look at that skinny thing! Your mom is gonna take wicked good care of this little girl...so she gonna be part of the family?!?

  4. Can't wait to hear her story ...
    She is a pretty kitty ...

  5. We're glad you took Lil Girl in! We want to know more about her!

  6. Ah, I don't think she looks like an alien, she is a cutie!!!

  7. She is a cute Lil Girl. We are glad your Beans gave her a home. It is very sad that someone just abandoned her.

  8. It makes me so mad to hear the things people do; how anyone could abandon a pet is beyond me. I am so glad that Lil Girl found such a great home with you.

  9. She's one lucky kittie that your mommy came to the rescue! She's beautiful!!! And the people who had her and threw her away should have mean, terrible things...HAPPEN TO THEM!

  10. Oh my goodness! Lil Girl certainly was treated badly. Thank goodness your Mom and Dad saved her!