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Friday, January 8, 2010


Mama Cat after the babies left and after her surgery
Momy PROMISED her no more babies!
Shes very happy!

This is Scotch
He is a Big Man Cat
He first started coming around in February 2009
Momy caught him in August and had his boy parts snipped.

Now its REALLY cold here in Virginia and he is staying inside

His favorite place to nap

Playing in the snow


  1. He is such a khombo of Butterskhotch (the female) and Brofur (the male)

    I'm glad he likes the snow!

    It is PAWESOME!


  2. You guys are all so furry lucky to have a great mom who cares so much for stray kitties and most importantly, gets them snipped!
    Stay warm, furiends!

  3. YAY! Lots of kitties! Your mom is so nice! What an awesome person!

  4. What nice kitties you are! And how brave to go out in the snow...it's been so cold here in Virginia, hasn't it?

  5. That was a good thing your mum did getting his bits snipped!

    We have an award for you on our blog. Please drop by and pick it up.

  6. That is great that all the babies got super furrever homes.

    Keep warm and toasty everybuddy.

  7. I'll bet Mama Cat was glad that she did not have to have any more babies!

    Scotch is very handsome, and I like his name.

  8. That Scotch is a handsome dude! Mama Cat is a sweetie too!!!

  9. We are very glad that Scotchy had his hoo-haa-ectomy and is now keeping warm inside with the rest of you!