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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

More about Lil Girl

Over the next few month Lil Girl gained weight and got to where she did not like going outside. She was gaining weight and Momy was VERY happy about that. All us boys didnt understand ... we never been around a GIRL cat before she was NUTS!

Then one day Dady took this ....

Its a little blery cause he took it with is phone ...
Lil Girl was FAT ...

Momy was worried ... so she went to the Dr .... and they took pictures inside her tummy and guess what they saw ....

Did you guess ???


Thats right .... Lil Girl had a scar on her tummy where the scar for a spay should be but she wasnt fixed
She was gonna be a MAMA CAT

She weighed 12.5 pounds ....

4 weeks later

The second Tuesday in February 2008 - 5 babies were borned

Momy had fixed Mama a nice box in the warmest room in the house and she was going to wait about another week to start shutting the door during the day so she would have privacy ... Dady came home that day to Mama fussing at him - he thought she wanted him to hold her like usual and rub her BIG FAT tummy

Nope! She had already had 1 baby and was working on #2 when he FINALLY realized ...

Us boys had no idea what was going on ....

Once Dady went in the room with Mama she would not let him leave - Momy was at school so she had no idea she got home in time to see baby #4 borned ... since the pictures only showed 3 baby heads Momy and Dady thought it was all over. They made sure Mama had everything she needed and went to bed

Then next morning there were 5 thats right 5 babies!

What a pile of babies

Shes a good Mama

More about Mama and the Babies tomorrow ...

I like babies ... purrs


  1. NevFUR trust the skhar is the moral of this story, eh?


  2. Oh what precious babies. The tortie with white feet looks so much like me when I was a baby!

  3. Wow! That musta been such a surprise for your momy and dady...those babies are so cute, though!

  4. Reminds me of when I took my Sammy Jo. The stray that kept sleeping on my porch. My boyfriend thought she was fat ... nope, I told him she wasn't. She was so thin but had that bump. I took her in the moment she came in my house ... it took a while though. She had her kittens the next day. And, I kept four of the five of them.

  5. What a sweet little girl, and looks like she was a good mom.

  6. They are such cute little things! Were we that small once?

  7. Oh, wow, that would be quite the surprise. But a scar and not spayed? Very bizarre. Mind you, I had to have my Annie spayed twice--had her done after I adopted her, and some months after that she went into heat! Turns out they left some ovarian tissue and had to be re-spayed, though they didn't charge me the second time for their mistake.

    But 5 kittens...! Whew!

  8. What beautiful pictures and what a wonderful story.. Looking forward to the sequel.. Hugs GJ xx

  9. What a wonderful story and great pictures!

  10. What sweet little babies she had! It sounds like you rescued her just in time!

  11. OH AWESOME! Even better your mommy saved SIX cat lives. What an amazing story!

  12. Wow!!! What a surprise! Those babies are adorable!

  13. That was a big surprise for everyone. Those babies are very sweet.

  14. Oh my gosh what a story, and what adorable babies! From the pictures we totally believe she is a good momma to the babie kitties.

  15. What an unexpected turn of events. Unbelivable she wasn't spayed for all the years of her life. Maybe she even had kittens before.
    The babies are oh so cute!

  16. Oh the kittens are so cute fur sure, it's hard to believe that my sisters were that small once!!!